Links to Bands that have played in and around Oxford
and below links to Bands we would like to hear play in Oxford
so in the meantime we play them occasionally on

(Some bands also have pages on

1000 Mile Highway
24 Pesos

4 Pillars of Wisdom
Abie Budgen
Adam Bomb Band
Adrian Byron Burns
Adrian Legg
Al Gare
Alamo Leal Band
Alvin Youngblood Hart
Amrit Sond
Ana Popvic
Andrew Black
Andy Broad
Angela Brown & The Mighty 45's
Aynsley Lister
Baby John Band
Bad Influence
Baddest Blues Band

Bare Bones Boogie Band
Barry 'The Fish' Melton
Bayou Bros
Bea and the Honeytones
Ben Fletcher Band
Ben Prestage
Ben Waters Band
Bernie Marsden
Bex Marshall
Big Blue
Big Blues Tribe
Big Boy Bloater Band
Big Boys Blues Band
Big Gilson
Big Joe Louis
Big Mammas Door
Bill Sheffield
Billy Walton Band
Blind Dog Blues
Blind Lemons
Blue Bishops
Blue Healers
Blue Tits
Blue Touch
Blues And Tunes
Blues At Ten
Blues Band
Blues Burglars
Blues Business
Blues Engineers
Blues Factory
Blues Hobos
Blues Is Truth
Blues Pack
Blues Patrol
Blues Puppies
Blues Rats

Blues With Feeling
Bob Bowles Blues Band
Bob Hall
Bob Log
Boccigalupe & The Bad Boys
Bold as Love
Brock & The Badgers
Bridget and The Big Girls Blues
Bruce Parker
Bullfrog Band
Buick 6
C Sharp Blues Band
Cadillac Blues
Cadillac Kings
Carvin Jones Band
Catfish Keith
Chantel McGregor Band
Charlie Fabert
Charlie Morris Band
Charlotte Collingwood
Chasin' Charley's Ghost
Chaz De Paolo & 'Groundhogs' Rhythm
Cherry Lee Mewis
Chicago 9 Blues
Chicago Thieves
Chicken Shack
Chris Collins & Blues Etc
Chris Farlowe
Chris Gibbons
Chris Newman
Chris Smither
Chris Williams
Clare Free Band
Claude Bourbon
Climax Blues Band
Coalhouse Walker Blues Band
Colin John Band
Connie Lush
Cooper Black
Crisis Blues Band
Crosscut Saw
Cry Baby & The Hoochie Coochie Boys
DAD'S Chunky Chords
Dan Hudson Band
Dan Phelps
Dan Starr
Dana Gillespie
Dani Wilde
Daniel Smith Blues Band
Danny Bryant's Red Eye Band
Dave Arcari
Dave Ellis Blues
Dave Jackson Band
Dave Kelly
Dave Onions
Dave Peabody
Dave Shannon's Dead Cat Bounce
Dave Smith And The Cadillacs
Dave Thomas Band
David Bristow
David Celia
David Hay
David "Honeyboy" Edwards
David Moore Band
David Raphael Blues Band
Dean Beresford
Debbie Bond
Debbie Giles
Deborah Bonham
Deborah Coleman
Del Bromham
Delta Echoes
Delta Flood
Delta Groove
Delta Ladies
Delta Moon
Denise Marie
Denny Ilett
Derrin Nauendorf
Diana Braithwaite
Dino Baptiste
Dirty Robbers
Doug Jay & The Bluejays
Doctors Orders Blues Band
Dr A's Blues Consortium
Dr Feelgood
Dr. Teeth Big Band
Ernie's Rhythm Section
Earl Gater Band
Earl Green
Earl Thomas
East Bay Grease Band
Easy Tiger
Ed Genis
Eddie Blue & The Ravens
Eddie Martin
Eddie & Frank Thomas
Eddie Walker
Egypt Blues Band
Electric Experience
Elephant Shelf
Emily Druce
Eric Bell Band
Erja Lyytinen Band
Evening Sun
Family Style
Feed Me
Forster-King Band
Fran McGillivray
Freeway Jam
Friends Of The Blues
Fruteland Jackson
Gary Fletcher
Gary Moore
Gerry Gillard
Gerry Jablonski Band
Geoff Achison
Giles Hedley & The Aviators
Giles Robson & the Dirty Aces
Good Old Boys
Graham Robins
Grainne Duffy Band
Grapevine Blues
Gregg Wright
Groanbox Boys
Guv'nors feat. Robert Hokum
Guy Tortora
Gwyn Ashton
Hangover Blues Band
Hans Theessink
Hamilton Loomis Band
Harry Manx
Heather Myles
Helen Watson
Helium Soul
King King
Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers
HM Band
Hocus Pocus Blues Band
Ian Briggs and The Supervampers
Ian Parker Band
Ian Siegal Band
Incredible Blues Puppies
Innes Sibun
Jack Blackman
Jack The Biscuit
Jake Walker Band
James Hollingsworth
James Litherland
Jay Tamkin Band
JC and Angelina
Jennifer Crook
Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band
Jim & Leo Condie
Jimmy Carl Black
Jim Crawford
Jimmy Griswold
Joanne Shaw-Taylor Band
Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan
Joe King Band
John Crampton
John Doole Blues Trio
John O'Leary's Sugarkane
Johnny Berry Band
Johnny Dickinson
Jon Walsh Blues Band
Jon Amor
Jon Cleary
Jon Gomm
Jonathan Kalb Band
Jools Holland
Joshua Blue
Juicy Lucy
Julie Ellison
Katherine Davies Band
Keith Thompson's Strangebrew
Kellie While

Kent Duchaine

Kevin Brown
Khalif Wailin' Walter Band
Kilborn Alley Blues Band
Kim Simmonds
King Earl Boogie Band
King King
King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys
King Size Slim
Kris Dollimore
Krissy Matthews Band
Kyla Brox
Lady & The Sax
Larry Garner
Larry Miller Band
Last Gasp Blues Band
Laurence Jones Band
Lazy Lester
Lazy Poker
Lee Ryder
Lee Westwood
Leroy Sears
Les Wilson
Lewis Cohen
Lisa Mills
Little Andy's Stealers
Little George Sueref
Little Jenny & The Blue Beans
Little Toby Walker
Lightnin' Willie & The Poor Boys
Long John Baldry
LTD Edition
Maggie Bell
Marcus Bonfanti
Marcus Malone
Martin Harley
Martin Taylor
Mary Flower
Matt Schofield
Matt Taylor Band
Matthew Ord
Maurice Dickson
Mean Red Spiders
Mellow Peaches
Memo Gonzalez
Memphis in the Meantime
Michael Berk
Michael Pickett
Michael Roach Band
Michael Marra
Michael Messer
Mick Abrahams
Mick Clarke Band
Mick Pini Band
Mick Ralphs
Mick Rutherford Band
Mick Simpson Band
Mickey Flynn
Micky Moody
Midnight Train
Mike Dowling
Mike Harrison
Mike Sanchez
Mitch Laddie Trio
Mo' Indigo
Mojo Bones
Molly Brown
Monday Band
Monte Montgomery Band
Moon Dogs
Mose Scarlett
Motel 6
Movin' On
Mr Charlie
Mumbo Jumbo
Nashville Teens
Neil Cowley Trio
Never The Bride
New Haw Leans Jug Band
Nicky Moore's Blues Corporation
Nigel Bagge Band
Nine Below Zero
Norman Beaker Band
Norman Watt-Roy
Odyssey Blues Band
Oli Brown Blues Band
Oliver Darling
Olly Alcock Band
Otis Grand
Otis Mack
Otis Mack & The Tubby Bluesters
Otis Taylor

Paddy Milner
Papa George

Patsy Gamble
Paul Buckley
Paul Byrd
Paul Cowley
Paul Cox Band
Paul Jones & David Kelly
Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes
Paul McKee
Paul Orta
Paul Poulton Project
Paul Rishell and Annie Raines
Pearl Handled Revolver
Pete Boss & The Blueshearts
Pete Brown & The Interoceters
Pete G & The Magnitones
Pete Fryer Band
Pete Mitchell's Drive
Pete Molinari
Pete Saunders
Pete Smith
Peter Bennett & The Backline
Peter Bruntnell
Peter Price
Phil Astles Band
Philip John Lee
Pieff Laballe Band
Ponty Bone & The Squeezetones
Primo Blues
Prussian Blue
Rag Mama Rag
Ray Stubbs
Raymon Goose Band
Red-Eyed Fly
Red Lester
Red Wine Serenaders
Reservoir Cats
Rhythm Zoo
Richard Miller
Richie Milton's Lowdown
Rietta Austin & Her Band
Rik Martin Band
Ricky Cool and the Hoola Boola Boys
Riotous Brothers
Rita Engedalen
Ritas Lolitas
Rob Donnelly
Rob Tognoni
Robi Zonca Band
Robin Auld
Robin Bibi Band
Robin Chandler & Howling Tomcats
Rod Clements
Roger Hubbard
Rogue Dolls
Rollo Markee And The Tailshakers
Roland Chadwick
Ron Trueman-Border
Rory Block
Route 66
Roy Mette
Roy Young
Ruby Turner
Rudy Rotta
Russ Tippins Electric Band
Russell "Hitman" Alexander
Saiichi Sugiyama
Sam Kelly
Sam Payne
Sarah Warren
Scott Gordon Band
Sean Taylor
Sean Webster Band
Shakedown Prophets
Sherman Robertson
Sharrie Williams & The Wise Guys
Simon Honeyboy Hickling
Skin The Cat
Skip "Little Axe" Mcdonald
Slim Lightfoot
Smokin Hogs
Snowy White's Blues Project
So Long Angel
Son Maxwell's Unruly Blues
Sons Of The Delta
Sonny Black
Soul Kitchen
Southside Band
Spencer Bohren
Split The Riff
Split Whiskers
Stanton Moore Band
Station House
Stephen Dale Petit
Steppin Out
Steve Arvey
Steve "Big Man" Clayton
Steve Simpson Band
Steve Whalley
Storm Warning
Sue Foley
Swamp Band
T-Model Ford
Tam White
Terry Wisbey's Texas Thunder
Texas Medicine
The Good
The Very Same
Tim Hain Trio
Tim Richards
Tim Royce
Tom Doughty
Tom Principato
Tommy Allen Band
Tommy Allen & Johny Hewitt
Tommy Emmanuel
Travelling Shoes
Trev & Co
TS McPhee
Ty Garner Band
Tye Dye Blues Band
Tyler Brown Blues Band
Virgil & The Accelerators
Walk Hards
Watermelon Slim
Wes Mcghee
West Weston's Bluesonics
Wilko Johnson
Wild Blue Angel
Wild T Spirit
Will Killeen
Willy Finlayson & The Hurters
Wiser Time
Wishbone Ash
Worried Men
ZZ Birmingham
Bands we would like to hear play in Oxford. In the meantime we play them occasionally on
Hair Of The Dog

Ken Clark Matt Jacobs Blues Group Moochers
Rob BerryReady Rolled

Slim & The Deuces (Can)

Spirit & Blues

The Blind Kings
(website due)

The Hexmen

The Idle Hands

The Sharp Nines
(website(s) under construction) The Walkhards Wayne Janus